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Inspired by Blizzard's blog post about the "great item squish", this addon brings to life the proposed "Mega Damage" system.

When a spell/ability deals enough damage or healing in one hit, the MEGA DAMAGE display will flash on the screen, accompanied by the Arcanite Ripper sound.

The amount of damage/healing done by the spell is converted into "mega damage"/"mega healing" (at 1/1000th of the original value), which is then what is displayed on the screen.

Type /mdmg to open the configuration window.

Configuration options allow you to change the sounds that play for MEGA DAMAGE/HEALING (can be configured separately), the minimum damage/healing thresholds for activating the display, and the display's scale/position.

Video preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oNVsK0ZJalE