Allows to turn the Mythic Dungeon Tools interface into a compact view, as well as some added features to keep track of pulls during a dungeon run.


Compact view for Mythic Dungeon Tools

Turn the MDT interface into a compact window by clicking the down-arrow in the top-right corner, showing only the map and list of pulls.


Automatically zoom to pulls

Zoom to pulls when clicking on them in the pull list. Also automatically zoom to the current/next pull based on your planed route and current enemy forces.

Color dead enemies and next pull

Color dead enemies and your current/next pull differently so you can better distinguish them in the heat of battle.

Fade out while mouse isn't over the window and hide in combat

Fade out or hide while you don't interact with it, and fade in when you do. This is an option that can be toggled.

Announce pulls to group chat

Announce the selected or all future pulls to group chat, incl. enemy forces values. 



- /mdtg route [on/off]: Enable/Disable route estimation (still a bit experimental, but does a much better job if you deviate from the planned route).
- /mdtg zoom <min-or-both> [<max>]: Scale default min and max visible area size when zooming (default: 1 / 1).
/mdtg fade [on/off/<opacity>]: Enable/Disable fading or set opacity (default: 0.3).
/mdtg hide [on/off]: Enable/Disable hiding in combat (default: off).
/mdtg animate [on/off]: Enable/Disable animations (default: on).
/mdtg help: Print this help message.

Legend: <...> = number, [...] = optional, .../... = either or



This project is fully open-source and the source code can be found on GitLab.


Please create a new entry on the issue tracker if you encounter any bugs. You can also post little things here in the comments.


Let me know if you have something that would be useful to have during a dungeon run, and vote on existing suggestions here.


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