Master Gypsy

9,172 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 27, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

What is Master Gypsy?

Master Gypsy is an Addon that creates Lootframes for items you might be interested in due to them being a higher ilvl than what you wear and being a lower ilvl than what the looter wears.

For example: If you have a twink with 850 gear and someone with 950 gear loots a 920 neck, a window is notifying you about it and enables you to send the person a pre-written whisper like "[Master Gypsy] Hey do you need (item)?" (Note: You can remove the '[Master Gypsy]' prefix in whispers by pressing the cog/settings button once an item pops up. Once deactivated it stays deactivated, of course)


Current Functions

  • Fetches the inventory of players in your group
  • Automatically opens a frame as soon as one of the players with your lootclass (cloth, leather, etc.) loots an item that he probably doesn't need but you do


If you encounter any problems, please report them in the comments. Thank you very much!


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