Master and Commander is helping the player to be more in control and give all the information needed to be best at what they do. Being a Protection Paladin to make their own judgement based on the situation they are playing in.


One of the main features is the "Holy window". Which is more than just a unit frame. It allows you to monitor your, active defence,  active talents and its expiration without having multiple timers on screen and do it in an elegant manner. This is quite an experimental interface. It shows you a stained glass window that will lit different parts of the window as abilities activate or fade. It does need a bit of explanation and getting used to it, but it will give you a more thematic experience instead of abstract and minimal lay-outs. 



  • The "Holy window" protection frame, will show how much you are protected and what abilities are gained and fading
  • Taunt messages to chat during raiding
  • A warning showing you crusader aura on when entering battle and not mounted
  • A selection of top useful Paladin macros that you can generate from the configuration panel.
  • Statistics bar that updates live when stats are being changed by buffs or de-buffs