3,508,012 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 4, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.5


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing some regions to not have the proper alpha or color.



  • Masque now has a new icon.
  • This update contains extensive changes that will require add-on, skin and localization updates. Please make sure that your add-ons and skins have been updated before reporting issues.


  • Added Classic support. Please download the appropriate package.
    • Dual-Spec options are disabled for Classic.
    • The ContextOverlay region is disabled for Classic.


  • The options window has been updated.
    • The primary panel under the "Masque" header is now an information display and contains information about Masque and any installed skins.
    • This option can be disabled in the "Performance Settings" panel.
    • The "Addons" panel has been more appropriately named "Skin Settings".
    • A new "General Settings" panel is available that contains interface and performance settings for Masque.
  • The font size for all options panels has been increased.
  • The "Gloss" option now has a toggle and color picker.
  • Options that are unavailable due to skin settings will now be hidden.
  • A new option, "Shadow", is available for skins that provide them.
  • A new option, "Clean Database", is available in the "Developer" panel that will purge the settings of unused add-ons and groups.
  • Masque now has an optional, stand-alone GUI.


  • The "Blizzard" skin has been renamed to "Classic".
  • The "Classic", "Dream" and "Zoomed" skins have all been updated, including a slight increase in size to be more in line with the default button size.
  • The "Zoomed" skin now has a background. (#44)
  • A new skin, "Default", is available that resembles the default button style(s). This skin will be applied when skinning is disabled for a button or group, unless the add-on has supplied its own default skin.
  • The handling of Cooldown and Charge frames has been improved:
    • Added new, higher-quality, default textures that will change according to the shape set by the skin.
    • Note: Only "Square" and "Circle" are supported.

Core API

  • API Version updated to 80200.
  • A new API method, :DefaultSkin(), is available that will return the default skin.
  • A new API method, :GetShadow({Button}), is available that will return the Shadow region for a button.
  • A new API method, :SetEmpty({Button} [, IsEmpty]), is available that will tell Masque whether a button has an icon, allowing it to apply different skin settings.
  • A new API method, :AddType("Type", {Regions}) is available that will allow add-ons to add custom button types with specific regions. Note that "Type" must be a unique string and {Regions} must be an indexed table of valid, string region names.
  • The third parameter of the :Group() API method, IsActionBar, has been replaced with a new string parameter, "StaticID". This will be used internally by Masque instead of the "Group" parameter.
  • The signature for callbacks has been updated. The new signature is as follows:
    • If arg is passed when registered: Callback(arg, Group, SkinID, Backdrop, Shadow, Gloss, Colors, Disabled)
    • If no arg is passed when registered: Callback(Group, SkinID, Backdrop, Shadow, Gloss, Colors, Disabled)
  • Add-on authors can now add a "default" skin that Masque will apply when buttons or groups from the add-on are disabled or removed.
    • The skin must be named the same as the add-on.
    • The skin can be disabled in Masque's GUI by setting the root skin attribute Disable = true.

Group API

  • The :AddButton() Group method now has a third, string parameter, "Type", that will tell Masque the type of button being passed.
    • If not passed, Masque will attempt to determine the "Type" by checking for specific regions. If none are found, it will default to "Legacy".
    • Masque will use this value to determine which regions to search for, if unavailable in the Regions (formerly ButtonData) table, and which regions to apply skins to when skinning a button.
    • The following are valid values:
    • "Legacy" - This is fall-back type for backwards compatibility. It supports most regions previously supported by Masque. Only use this value if the other types don't cover all necessary regions.
    • "Action" - Supports regions available in ActionButtonTemplate and its derivatives.
    • "Pet" - Supports regions available in PetActionButtonTemplate.
    • "Item" - Supports regions available in ItemButtonTemplate and its derivatives (ContainerFrameItem, etc).
      • Border is still available for compatibility.
    • "Aura" - Supports regions available in AuraButtonTemplate plus Border.
      • Can be used for generic "Aura" buttons.
    • "Debuff" - Same as "Aura", but a different Border texture with no color support.
    • "Enchant" - Same as "Aura", but a different Border texture with color support.
    • Custom types are also supported, as mentioned above.
  • The :AddButton() Group method now has a fourth, boolean parameter, Strict, that if set to true will cause Masque to skip locating missing regions. This value is always true if a frame object is passed.
  • Groups can now be renamed.
    • Only sub-groups with static IDs support this feature. (See the Core API section above)
    • A new method, :SetName("Name"), is available that will replace the group's Group field and update Masque's options.
  • A new method, :SetCallback(func [, {arg}]), is available that will allow callbacks to be registered at the group level. This will allow add-ons to be notified on a per-group basis, rather than when any group's settings have changed.
  • The :ReSkin() method now has aboolean Silent parameter that when set to true, will prevent the add-on/group's callback from being fired.
  • The :GetOptions() method now accepts an Order parameter (number).

Skin API

  • A new panel has been implemented that displays information about skins. The following fields are available for skin tables and will be used in this panel:
    • Description - A short string description of the skin.
    • Version - The skin version (number).
    • Author - A string value for the author's name.
    • Authors - An indexed table list of author names.
    • Website - A string value for the website URL.
    • Websites - An indexed table list of website URLs.
    • Group - A string name of the group the skin belongs to, when using skin variations.
    • Title - A string title to be displayed instead of the SkinID. Requires Group to be set.
    • Order - An number indicating the order the skins should be displayed in. Requires Group to be set.
  • Skins can now use custom Cooldown swipe textures.
  • Skins can now customize the following button regions:
    • ActionButton
    • "NewAction" - Texture, Color, Size, Position
    • "SpellHighlight" - Texture, Color, Size, Position
    • ItemButton
    • "IconBorder" - Texture, Size, Position
    • "SlotHighlight" - Texture, Color, Size, Position
    • "IconOverlay" - Size, Position
    • "NewItem" - Texture, Size, Position
    • "SearchOverlay" - Texture and/or Color, Size, Position
    • "ContextOverlay" - Texture and/or Color, Size, Position
  • Skins can now use the following settings:
    • DrawLayer string - The layer to place the region.
    • DrawLevel number - The level to place the region.
    • Point string - The point of the region to anchor to the button.
    • RelPoint string - The point of the button where Point will be anchored. Defaults to Point.
    • SetAllPoints boolean - Fits the region to the button.
    • For details on these settings, check the API documentation online.
  • Skins can now specify a per-button mask that can be applied to multiple regions.
    • Declare the mask at the root level of the skin, like any other layer: Mask = { ... },
    • Masks accept the following attributes, relative to the button where applicable:
    • Texture
    • Width
    • Height
    • Point
    • RePoint
    • OffsetX
    • OffsetY
    • SetAllPoints
    • To use the mask on valid layers, simply add the UseMask = true, attribute/value pair to those layers.
  • The following regions can now use the boolean UseColor setting that, when set to true, will cause Masque to use a color instead of a texture. Additionally, these regions can now use masks.
    • Backdrop
    • Pushed
    • Flash
    • Highlight
    • SearchOverlay
    • ContextOverlay
  • Using a Gloss or Shadow texture no longer requires a Normal texture.
  • Most layers can now have nested skins for each button type. (See the Group API section above for a list of types)
  • Most regions have been restored to their default positions. This will require updates to most skins.
  • Most skin settings now have default values stored internally by Masque. Any settings not specified will fall back to these values.

Bug Fixes/Improvements

  • Masque will now exit out of some hooks after a button has been removed from its group.
  • Masque no longer adjusts the frame levels of buttons or their child frames.
  • Functions registered as callbacks without an arg table will no longer pass false in place of arg.
  • Groups registered prior to the PLAYER_LOGIN event will now be queued and skinned when that event fires. (#41)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause groups to incorrectly inherit the wrong skin. (WeakAuras/WeakAuras2#1171)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause buttons to be skinned with the default skin when changing groups. (#47)
  • Fixed an issue with edge textures on round buttons. (#38)
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the default cooldown count to appear below other text regions. (#19)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Masque to attempt to skin newly-created groups.
  • Fixed a missing entry for LibDualSpec-1.0.


For bug reports and suggestions, please use the issue tracker on GitHub.


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