Masque: Neuron

Masque: Neuron is the default Neuron skin for the Masque World of Warcraft add-on. It is updated for Masque 9.0+

This add-on skin is meant to compliment the Neuron action bar add-on, and is mostly just a simple implementation of what Soyier prefers his buttons to look like. It features a rounded square design with a dark bloom effect in the middle. The idea with this theme was to be simple, tasteful, and elegant.

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This add-on requires Masque in order to function. Soyier has no part in the development of Masque, but is thankful to StormFX for his work on Masque over the years.


This add-on was inspired by Masque: Renaitre "Beveled", though is only meant to be an inspiration of that style, not a recreation.