LunaEclipse: Rotation Helper

96,481 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 10, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Just a simple little logo I created for fun, and I wanted a picture on my project, it looked bare without it.

Ovale Style (Weak Auras Settings)

This is the Ovale layout style when looking in Weak Auras configuration, they show question marks because there is no active suggestions.

Ovale Style in Action

This image shows the Ovale Weak Weak Auras style in combat.

LunaEclipse Style (Weak Auras Settings)

This is the LunaEclipse Style in WeakAuras options, the icons show question marks for icons without a current active suggestion.

LunaEclipse Style in Action

This is a screen shot of the LunaEclipse Weak Auras style in combat.

Addon Settings

There are lots of different settings to control how the rotations process, and what you see and where, the point of this addon is customization.

Rotation Settings

You can control which spells appear on which icons from the the Rotation Settings options. An unchecked box will not appear at all. Which icons the abilities appear on depend on how they are checked, some options have 3 states.


This page allows you to select which plugins load into memory and which are not loaded at all. Unchecked plugins will not load into memory and so they will have no impact on the game as no code runs.

Weak Auras Plugin Settings.

Each plugin can define its own set of options to be added to the Rotation Addons options. This is the options for the Weak Auras plugin.

Minimap Icon Plugin

Minimap icon contains important on the tooltip, it also allows multiple different mouse click operations to perform various tasks, from changing preset builds, changing spec or loot spec, reloading the UI etc...

Talent Builds Plugin

Talent builds plugin provides preset builds that can be changed when talent changes are allowed, this can be done from the minimap icon, or through the options integrated into the talent UI.

Macro Manager Plugin

This screenshot shows character specific macros when in Havoc spec, these will change when I change specs, their positions on the action bars are also saved so even though they are macros they are restored on spec change.

Macro Manager Plugin

This screenshot shows character specific macros when in Vengeance spec which are different then the havoc macros.

Warcraft Logs Overview

This is the Warcraft Logs overview of my main character which I use the rotation helper for.

Warcraft Logs Detailed Report

This is the detailed report of my main character who is using the rotation helper.