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NOTE: This addon only works with addons that support Lib-SharedMedia-3.0


LSM-GoogleFonts is a font pack for WoW that gives you some popular google fonts.

Fonts Included:

  • Anton
  • Audiowide
  • Exo2
  • Geo
  • Monda
  • Nova Square
  • Open Sans Condensed Bold
  • Orbitron
  • Quantico
  • Roboto
  • Teko
  • Titillium Web
  • Ubuntu
  • VT323


Please post any issues here on GitHub


There is now a donations button in the top right corner of the page. I decided to start accepting donations to help further this and other addons. Thank you!

Coming Soon

If you would like to suggest a font please open a ticket in GitHub issues and we will do our best to implement them!