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Version 90205.04

  • Fixed an issue where mover settings wouldn't apply on profile import or change; Damn...
  • Misc bug fixes and tweaks.

Version 90205.03

  • Added wyverns. Zug zug! For now there won't be an option to disable wyverns/gryphons, but I'll add it later;
  • Made the rectangular layout default. It's more flexible and suits most people's needs;
  • Readded the addon entry to Interface > AddOns. Accidentally removed it with v90205.01.


Version 90205.02

  • Added custom gryphons. Wyverns are still WIP;
  • Removed progress bar gain/loss indicators.


Version 90205.01

  • Added 9.2.5 support;
  • Separated the main addon and the config into two different folders/addons, so the config UI is now loaded on demand which should help with the overfall performance a bit;
  • Added class icon portraits;
  • Fixed an issue where the xp bar would get broken when starting a pet battle;
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation. Translated by aenerv7@Curse;
  • Updated Spanish translation. Translated by r3dr1an@Curse.