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Version 90200.05

  • Added a way to connect movers together. This will allow to preserve relative positions between multiple movers where it might be needed, for instance, when sharing your profile with someone who plays on a different screen resolution;
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation. Translated by aenerv7@Curse;
  • Updated embeds;
  • Misc bug fixes and tweaks.


Version 90200.04

  • Fixed an issue where unit frames wouldn't update correctly when entering/leaving vehicles.

Version 90200.03

  • Updated profile export to export both global and private profiles together since they usually are interconnected.

Version 90200.02

  • Added profile import and export! It's now possible to import/export colours, tags, global and private profiles. You can import multiple strings at once;
  • Added options to control action buttons' and auras' height independently from their width;
  • Added options to toggle zone and extra buttons' artwork;
  • Reworked the way the addon handles profile updates. Instead of updating the current profile at login, the addon will now go through all existing profiles and will try to update them to the latest version. It's only guaranteed to work with v80020.03 profiles and newer, so if it's updating an even older profile, you'll see a warning in chat;
  • Increased the max number of boss frames to 8. It might be buggy, but you should blame Blizz for it;
  • Updated Simplified Chinese translation. Translated by aenerv7@Curse;
  • Updated embeds.


Version 90200.01

  • Added options to toggle and reverse cooldown swipes on UF buffs, player buffs and debuffs, action bars, and the aura tracker;
  • Fixed "Buffs and Debuffs" config. It seems that it's broken for quite some time, sorry about that T_T;
  • Player and pet castbars are now detached in the rectangular layout by default;
  • Updated embeds.


NOTE: If you're affected by this Russian-Ukrainian conflict or know someone who is, please, stay safe and help each other out. You aren't alone, we all are gonna make it ❤