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Hi everyone.

I designed this addon for myself and it is supposed to style up default UI a bit and be as lightweight as possible. The general idea is to style everything you see in actual gameplay (i.e. player/target frames, party, minimap, action bars etc) and skip all secondary stuff like bags or character menu. Since Blizzard change their UI from time to time, sometimes something could be left unnoticed, feel free to report anything you think needs to be styled and I will look into that.


1. How can I open calendar and tracking menu?

To open calendar you use right click on minimap and to open tracking menu you use middle click on minimap.

2. Is it possible to turn on/off macros names or hotkeys display?

Absolutely, you can do it via simple editing of config file. Open the addon directory (AddOns/Lorti UI), open the file called config.lua with notepad. To turn on/off macros names you need to find the table called 'cfg.macroname' and change the 'show' row to true/false respectively. To turn on/off hotkeys you need to find the table called 'cfg.hotkeys' and do the same.

3. Can you style the addon named X?

Styling other addons is not intended right now. This is default UI styling addon.