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LootAppraiser is not loading


The following dependencies are required:

Some indications that a dependency is missing:

LootAppraiser is grayed out in the addon list

The tooltip of LootAppraiser lists all missing dependencies.


LootAppraiser frames out of screen

If a LootApraiser frame is out of screen you can reset the settings (including frame position). Open LootAppraiser config (right-click on minimap icon of LootAppraiser) and press the button 'Defaults' at the bottom left of the config window.

LootAppraiser config


In the upcoming dialog select 'These Settings' to reset only the LootAppraiser settings.

LootAppraiser reset settings - confirmation dialog


LootAppraiser only counts vendor sell

Sometimes LootApraiser did not use the selected price source and all items are counted with the vendor sell price. This happens when LootAppraiser gets no value for the selected price source from TSM and the fallback 'vendor sell' kicks in. There can be many reasons for this problem.

Invalid settings

Sometimes the LootAppraiser settings may be lost or messed up.

No TSM data for selected price source

Sometimes TSM provides no data for the selected price source. Check the item tooltip to verify that your selected price sources is available for the item.

TBD screenshot

If you find your selected price source in the tooltip then go to the next step.


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