Loon Best In Slot

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  • Wowhead BIS guides integrated in game
  • Create Custom Lists to use in addition to or instead of Wowhead guides.
  • Toggleable minimap button and tooltip integration
  • Tooltip integration that shows item status in bis lists
  • Fully functional loot browser that allows filtering by class / spec / phase / slot / source / raid
  • Show recommended gems and enchants for your class and spec
  • Loot browser will show you any item you are currently wearing or is in your bags.  

Slash Commands

/bis - Opens the loot browser window

Tooltip Key

Class - Spec - BIS Status - Phase

So for example:
Druid Restoration Alt P>1 (Alternate item for resto druids from phase preraid to 1)
Rogue Combat BIS 1>3 BIS (item for combat rogues obtainable in phase 1, and still BIS through phase 3)
Anything that says BIS is current BIS.


BIS = Best In Slot item
Alt = Alternate Best In Slot item
Mit = Mitigation item
Thrt = Threat item
Stam = Stamina item


  • Bagnon (shows items in your bank)
  • LinkWrangler (shows in custom tooltips)

***This addon in no way replaces sim-ing your gear.  BIS Lists can only ever be a guide to show you which gear might be best for your class and spec, and in no way can tell you which item is the best addition to your current gear.  I built this so that I didn't have to constantly look up items in my browser while in game, and so that I didn't ever accidentally overlook gear that might be good for my characters but wasn't aware of.  You'll get much more out of it if you know your class and understand that this addon isn't a religious text, but rather a decent guide that can be used to plan out which piece's of gear that you're going to go for.  Thank you for listening to my talk.