LookingForGroup (LFG)

Last Updated: Jan 21, 2018 Game Version: 7.3.5


Feb 9, 2017

Owner: cqwrteur

LookingForGroup is a versatile LFG addon.

/LFG or left-click LFG minimap button can open the addon dialog



Oceanic/Brazil/LA people might also need run another addon : LookingForGroup Realm whitelist

 It will help you add your regional servers into realm whitelist.


Discord server: https://discordapp.com/invite/VtrsyhK



1. Custom Keywords Spam Filter in both LFG tools and Chat channel (Compatible with Badboy)

2. Auto/non-auto World Quests (This addon is compatible with both WQGF and blizzard default LFG quest tool.)

3. Remove All other LFG addon noises (That is why I recommend you to uninstall all these addons since other people hate it.)

4. Boss Encounters Filter

5. Languages Search Filter

6. Player Current X-Realm Scan (Right click Minimap Icon or Press the Enable button in the Cross Realm)

7. X-Realm Helper

8. Quick Join Filter

9. Eye sound Mute

10. Minimize Localization. (Use in-game strings as much as possible)

11. Alterac Valley Raid Queue (Experimental Feature. Don't enable it. It doesn't work as intended)

12. Extremely Low Memory and CPU usage

13. Realms whitelist/blacklist

14. GOTM disabled in General Chat Frame. You will still be able to see your GOTM in Guild Chat frame or in many add-on tooltips.

15. LFG Armory Link Generation

16. AotC/Cutting Edge Achievement Generation

17. Background Searching

Notice: if your client APIs are hardware protected, you need make a macro:

/lfg search_result results search_again

18. Background Searching Notifying Music

19. Advanced Search Results Filter

a. According to your role (for example, if you are a healer, you wont see a dungeon with a healer)

b. Complete Raids (You wont see a raid which has very few of people)

c. RMT/Gold/WTS raids searching (Reverse Searching according to your spam keywords)

d. Class Searching ( You will only see raids with 2 people same with your class. This is used to share tiers with other same classes people easily)

20. Other LFG addon behavior simulating 

21. Language Block (Block any language you want)

22. Multiple activities and keywords searching

23. Custom sort

24. Random Hop (Macro: /lfg cr rand_hop)

25. Background UpdateListing

26. Fake Achievements 


28. Invasion Point

29. Rare Elite


Notice: The addon filters the results according to your progression of this week by default. If you need see all results, just unclick all encounter bosses and search again.


My guarantee is this addon will NEVER make any addon noises. This addon will also attempt to remove other addons noises:




Blizzard default LFG UI: Doing World Quest




Spam Keywords Filter


Main Panel



41kb memory usage


Todo list

1. Duel

2. Travelling salesman problem (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Travelling_salesman_problem)


If you have your favorite LFG features in other addons, leave your comments in the comment section. I will try my best to implement that feature in my addon if plausible.


Warning : Features like WQGF avoiding PVP servers will NEVER get supported since it NEVER works.


According to the comment section in WQGF:

heartless8604 Posted May 8, 2017

The option for avoiding pvp servers doesn't work at all. It'll group you with pvp servers without telling you where you're going even if the option to avoid them is used."



World Quests Static Popup Accept Button Macro:

/run local t = "LookingForGroup_WQ_HardwareAPIDialog"; if StaticPopup_Visible(t) then StaticPopupDialogs[t].OnAccept(); StaticPopup_Hide(t); end


Cancel Macro:

/run StaticPopup_Hide("LookingForGroup_WQ_HardwareAPIDialog");











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