LoCA - Loss of Control Alerter for Classic

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Loss of Control Alerter for TBC

This is a simple addon that provides the Loss of Control alerts from modern WoW versions to TBC Classic.

The addon has two modes of operation - retail and custom:

  • Retail - uses the wow apis for determining loss of control events on your character, so it's closest in functionality to the retail version. This is the best mode for you if you are looking for the retail functionality as it is. Currently there's no specific configuration for which alerts are shown in this mode. This is the default mode.
  • Custom - this mode uses a more custom mechanism of determining what is alerted. This means that we can configure exactly which debuffs are considered as loss of control and what their priority is when displaying them. The list of alerts being tracked might not be complete, do let me know of any debuffs you think should be added here.


Custom Mode Configuration

When this mode is selected you will see the Tracked Debuffs section. It shows a list of all debuffs that the addon can track.

For each debuff you can:

  • Enable/Disable it
  • Change it's weight. - The weight is used to decide which alert to be shown when multiple debuffs are happening at the same time, e.g Spell Lock while in Fear. Obviously it would be pointless to show the spell lock while the fear is active.

By customizing the weight and the alerts you can make profiles that make sense for different characters.


Generic Configuration

Apart from chosing modes the addon allows for a few basic configuration options:

  • Changing the alert's position
  • Changing the opacity of the alert
  • Changing the scale
  • Hiding different visual elements of the alert
  • Enable/Disable categories from being alerted, both for retail and custom mode


Planned features

  • Ability to add new debuffs into the custom mode list via the UI - Currently the custom mode allows you to only edit and use the predefined debuffs (unless you edit the list in the .lua file)
  • Some kind of configuration on the retail mode, so certain alerts can be turned off.