397,376 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 20, 2020 Game Version: 8.3.0

Slash Commands

To show the options panel:


To print a help message:

/litemount help

To create and pick up a macro to trigger LiteMount, so you can drop it onto an action button:

/litemount macro

To enable/disable the mount you are currently riding:

/litemount enable /litemount disable /litemount toggle

To list mounts containing some text:

/litemount mounts text

To list locations containing some text:

/litemount maps text

To list continents and their map ids:

/litemount continents

To print information about the current location:

/litemount location

To list the currently transmogrified ID from a particular equipment slot:

/litemount xmog slotnumber

To add a mount flag:

/litemount flags add flagname

To delete a mount flag:

/litemount flags del flagname

To rename a mount flag:

/litemount flags rename oldname newname

To switch to a different profile:

/litemount profile profileName