397,834 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 20, 2020 Game Version: 8.3.0


Open the LiteMount options panel from the Blizzard interface settings or by using the "/litemount" or "/lmt" chat commands.

From the "Mounts" sub-panel you can see a scrollable list of all your mounts, and whether they are flagged for use in various situations.

You can filter the list of mounts by using the drop-down menu and search box at the top of the panel.

  1. Enable or disable use of each mount with the checkbox at the left side of the line for that mount.
  2. Enable or disable all of the currently displayed mounts with the checkbox at the top left.
  3. Override where the mount should be summoned with the flags on the right side.

You can individually toggle these default flags, as well as any you define yourself using the Advanced Options: SWIM, FLOAT, FLY, RUN, WALK, AQ, VASHJIR, NAGRAND.

A flag you have changed from the default will have a red background on the checkbox.

Setting the LiteMount flags does not change what the mount can do, only when LiteMount will try to summon it. If in doubt, leave the flags unchanged. If you get confused click the "Defaults" button and then "Just this addon" from the dialog box that pops up to reset LiteMount's options.

The mount settings are stored in a profile, which is selectable per-character. Use the drop-down menu at the top right of the mounts list panel to select a profile, and create or delete profiles.