392,606 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 14, 2020 Game Version: 8.3.0

Mount Selection Priority

By default, LiteMount looks for a usable action in the following list (in this order), and stops when it first finds one:

  1. Exit vehicle : if you are in a vehicle that can be exited.
  2. Dismount : if you are mounted.
  3. Cancelform : if you are in travel or ghost wolf form.
  4. Copy target's mount : if target is a player, is mounted, and you know that mount.
  5. Mount a Vash'jir seahorse : if you are in Vash'jir underwater.
  6. Mount an AQ Battle Tank : if you are in Ahn'qiraj
  7. Use garrison ability : if you are in Draenor Nagrand and the Telaari Talbuk / Frostwolf War Wolf is usable, and can't fly.
  8. Mount Arcanist's Manasaber : if you can cast Masquerade in Suramar.
  9. Mount a swimming mount : if you have been swimming for more than 1s.
  10. Mount a flying mount : if you are in a flyable area, and one is usable.
  11. Mount a floating mount : if you have been swimming for less than 1s.
  12. Mount a ground mount : if one is usable.
  13. Mount a slow ground mount : if one is usable.
  14. Run the "Unavailable" macro : if one is set.

If you are moving or falling it will only consider instant-cast mounts (Travel Form, Ghost Wolf, and (during Hallows End) Flying Broom).

You can use the Advanced Options panel to completely change this priority if you want.