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Advanced Options

The Advanced Options sub-panel in the LiteMount settings exposes some of the addon's internal workings to allow more advanced customization. You can see and edit the action lists that are associated with each of the four LiteMount key bindings.

From this panel you can also add and delete your own mount flags (in addition to the default set of SWIM, FLY, RUN, WALK, AQ, VASHJIR and NAGRAND).

You can add these flags to mounts using the Mounts settings panel, and use them in action lists.




This is the default action list from LiteMount 8.2.5:

Mount [filter=mt:254][map:1355,flyable,qfc:56766]
Mount [filter=VASHJIR][map:203,submerged]
Mount [filter=AQ][map:319/320/321]
Mount [filter=NAGRAND][map:550,noflyable,nosubmerged]
Mount [filter=230987][nosubmerged,extra:202477]
Mount [filter=230987][nosubmerged,aura:202477]
Limit [filter=RUN/WALK][mod:shift,flyable][mod:shift,waterwalking]
SmartMount [filter={CLASS}]


Action List Format


The format of a LiteMount action list is:

- Each line is run in turn until one succeeds.
- Each line contains an action, and optionally a set of tests separated from the action by a space.
- Each test is contained inside square brackets []
- Tests are logically OR-ed; they are successful if ANY match.
- Each test (inside []) is a set of conditionals, separated by commas.
- Conditionals are logically AND-ed; they are successful only if ALL match.
- An action is not attempted unless its tests match.




 - Limit
- Mount
- SmartMount
- Dismount
- LeaveVehicle
- CancelForm
- CopyTargetsMount
- Macro
- Spell
- Stop




The Limit action limits the set of mounts that will be considered by all later action list lines.


Mount vs SmartMount


The Mount action randomly chooses from all of the filtered mounts.

 The SmartMount action is location-aware. It will look for the type of mount that is best for the current situation (Swimming / Flying / Running) and choose a mount of that type from the filtered mounts.




These can all be prefixed with "no" to reverse the check. E.g., [nopvp]

 - achievement:<achievementID>
- aura:<spellID>
- breathbar
- canexitvehicle
- channeling
- class:<classname>
- dead
- draw:<x>/<y> - random, x chances in y, deck-of-cards style, max y=52
- equipped:<itemID> or equipped:<itemType>; includes mount equipment
- exists or exists:<unit> - defaults to "target"
- extra or extra:<spellID> - extra action button
- faction:Horde or faction:Alliance
- falling
- false
- floating - on the water surface, based on jumping out
- flyable - flyable area, better than the blizzard macro version
- flying - currently flying (on a flying mount)
- form:<formID> - shapeshift form, /dump GetShapeshiftForm()
- group or group:raid - default is "party"
- harm:<unit> - default is "target"
- help:<unit> - default is "target"
- indoors
- instance or instance:<instanceID> or instance:<arena|pvp|party|raid|scenario>
- map:<uiMapID> - see /litemount maps, checks along the whole map path
- map:*<uiMapID> - prefix with * to check exactly the current map
- mod or mod:<alt|ctrl|shift> - [mod:alt/ctrl] works if either are held
- mounted
- moving
- name:<characterName>
- outdoors
- party:<unit> - unit is in our party, default "target"
- pet or pet:<petName> or pet:<petFamily>
- pvp
- qfc:<questid> - IsQuestFlaggedCompleted
- race:<raceName> - second return value from /dump UnitRace("player")
- raid:<unit> - unit is in our raid, default "target"
- random:<percent> - random roll percentage chance
- realm:<realmName> - as returned by /dump GetRealmName()
- role:<roleName> - assigned LFG role, DAMAGER/HEALER/TANK
- resting
- sex:<n> - 2 = male, 3 = female
- shapeshift
- spec:<specNum> or spec:<specRole> - DAMAGER/HEALER/TANK
- stealthed
- submerged - in water, not floating
- swimming - in water, includes floating
- talent:<row>/<talent>
- tracking:<name> - same as on the minimap button menu, e.g. "Find Herbs"
- true
- waterwalking - can walk on water (mount equipment or buff)
- xmog:<slotNum>/<appearanceID> - /litemount xmog <slotNum> shows current


Filter Conditional


A special condition of the format [filter=ARGS] is ignored, but modifies the action (mostly, which mounts are chosen to summon from).

ARGS is comma separated list of conditions, all of which must match ("AND").

Conditions may be negated with ~COND.

Conditions may additionally be separated with / (slash), which matches any of those conditions ("OR").

Filters are handled separately from other kinds of conditions. You may only have exactly zero or one filters defined per action.


Mount, SmartMount and Limit Filters


For the Mount,SmartMount and Limit actions [filter] restricts the mounts that will be tried.

A condition that is all numbers is an exact mount spell ID to match.

The condition mt:<n> matches mounts with mountType <n>.

The condition id:<n> matches exactly the one mount with mountID <n>

All other conditions are a mount flag to match. The default set mount flags actions is:

- AQ

You can create and assign your own additional mount flags.


Spell Filters


For the Spell action, the filter list is a comma-separated list of spells IDs to cast. The first one that is known and usable is cast.




The following variables can be used in action lists, and will be replaced before the action line is evaluated. You must include the text exactly as listed, including the curly brackets.

- {CLASSID} the global class ID number of the player's class
- {CLASS} the non-localized English name of the player's class (e.g., WARRIOR)
- {FACTION} - "Horde" or "Alliance"
- {MAPID} current map "uiMapID" number. /litemount maps &lt;searchText&gt;
- {ROLE} current spec's game role; one of DAMAGER, TANK, HEALER
- {SPECID} the global spec ID of the players class+spec. See [SpecializationID](
- {SPEC} current spec's number within your class (1/2/3 etc).




There are two randomizing conditions available:


Makes a shuffled deck of cards with y cards, x of which are success and the rest are failure. Draw and discard the top card of the deck. When the deck is empty, reshuffle it.


Roll a 1-100 die, and if the number is <= the given percentage, return success.