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Using Listener/Snooper

The Snooper is a special Listener window that only shows your target's messages. Internally, Listener keeps a record of everything people say, and then when you mouse over or target them, this window will show you their recent text.

To configure this window, right click the minimap icon and go to Snooper. You can also right-click the Snooper text on the titlebar if it's there.

Options are as follows:

Enable Mouse

This allows you to click on the snooper, and, more specifically, highlight messages within it. You can still hold shift to activate the mouse interaction if this option is disabled.


Enable Scroll

This allows you to scroll the snooper, to view messages that are further in the past. You can still hold shift to scroll when this option is disabled.



Locks the snooper window in place. There's an options in the Snooper settings that allows you to hide the titlebar in this state too.



Hide the snooper window. You can also hide it by clicking the X button (if it's there). Toggle this off in the minimap menu to show it again.



Which chat events will be shown in the Snooper. The Snooper's chat filter is used for a few other features when considering how messages are treated.



Opens up the Snooper configuration in the options panel.