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Using Listener/Notifications

Notifications can be controlled in the various options menu. Each notification feature can flash your taskbar, play a sound, or both. Taskbar flashing is only relevant if you're tabbed out: the WoW icon will blink.



  • Target emote — when your currently targeted player sends text that shows up in the Snooper display. This notification is controlled in the main options menu.
  • Poke — when someone directs a stock emote at you - also controlled in the main options menu. This triggers when someone targets you and uses /poke, or /wave, etc.
  • New Message — when someone emotes and it shows up in one of your Listener chatboxes. Each Listener chatbox can enable or disable notifications via their drop-down menu (right-click the title label). If your title-bar is hidden, window options can be accessed from the minimap menu.