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Using Listener/DM Tags

This is a newer, experimental feature to assist dungeon masters with message management. There's a small configuration block located in the settings, and you can turn this on via the minimap menu.

With this on, while in a group, tags will be attached to your unit frames. These tags show the time since the last message from someone that's unmarked. The idea here is that you click on a unit with the oldest timestamp, read their emotes within the Snooper window, and then mark them as "read" by marking their messages. You can either paint the messages as "highlighted" by clicking and dragging/painting within the Snooper window, or by right-clicking the tag to clear it, highlighting all recent messages from them. The tags are colored in this order: Blue = New, Gray = Aging (they get darker), Red = Old (need response), Orange = Oldest (response priority).