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LibQuestXP (Classic)

LibQuestXP is a library for other addons to provide experience reward information about quests for addon developers.

In Classic WoW the GetQuestLogRewardXP lua function was removed, and there's currently no other way to fetch XP reward information. This addon re-implements this function so Addons depending on GetQuestLogRewardXP can be ported to classic from retail.

Important: This is not a standalone addon! If you're not a developer, this addon is probably no use to you.


LibQuestXP uses LibStub like many other libraries. If you want to embed it in your addon, you can use LibQuestXP-Classic.xml or LibQuestXP-WOTLKC.xml, which should load all necessary files.

Utilizing GetQuestLogRewardXP

You can select a quest log index, then call GetQuestLogRewardXP without a parameter


or you can just call GetQuestLogRewardXP with a questID