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Uploaded Nov 16, 2013
Game Version 5.4.1
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    - Fixed an error with Nature's Cure.
    - Fixed BC break.
    - Manual minor bump.
    As a real developer, as nevcariel told me to do. ;-)
    - Added a third parameter to IterateDispellableAuras, that allows to iterate through all dispellable auras regardless of player abilities.
    - Do no recreate a new .spell table on every upgrade.
    - Use .buff and .debuff internal tables instead of .offensive, .tranquilize and .defensive.
    This far more simple to handle.
    - Merged specialIDs and enrageEffectID tables, since they had the same purpose.
    - Added spells given to druid by symbiosis: cleanse and purge.
    - Minor bump.
    - Reduced copy-pasta in internals, no API changes.
    - Added :IsDispellable and :GetDispelSpell.
    - Added two new methods: :HasDispell and :IterateDispelSpells.