Legion Wardrobe

306,761 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 26, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1

This addon is improvement for default Blizzard UI and functionality for appearances tab.

  • A lot more info about items that offer appearances (links to wowhead, names of vendors, costs, world drop zones, etc)
  • Additional info about collected appearances on items tooltips
  • More custom sets from wowhead for sets page
  • Current quest zone, current instance, current raid filters
  • Also you can filter any zone or raid to view all appearances that you can collect
  • You can press TAB button, when you hover item for view info about all sources for that appearance (only for items that available for your current class)
  • Sets page that shows your current progress on collecting appearances sets
  • Option to "Find all recolors"
  • Selecting favorites for uncollected visuals
  • Custom camera for preview buttons
  • Message that new appearance was learned (for blue and green items)
  • Filter all appearances by any custom color

How to use?

  • Open Collections (SHIFT-P)
  • Go to "Appearances" tab
  1. To view all sources click on any model
  2. You can filter all visuals by zone or raid via "Filter" dropdown
  3. "Big model" and "Sets" buttons right under "Weapon type" dropdown

How to disable "Collected" on tooltip?

  • Open Collections (SHIFT-P) > Go to "Appearances" tab > Click on Book icon under "Weapon type" dropdown > Disable this option


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