Leatrix Sounds (Classic)

10,202 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2

Change Logs/Classic

1.13.06 - 31st October 2019

Added a help button to the Leatrix Sounds panel.

You can now CTRL/Left-click a sound kit to show a WoW.tools link for that sound kit in chat.

You can now CTRL/Right-click a sound kit to insert a WoW.tools link for that sound kit in the chat editbox.

The WoW.tools link will show all the sound files included in the sound kit along with a preview button and various other information.

1.13.05 - 23rd October 2019

Leatrix Sounds is now listed in the game options panel.

1.13.04 - 8th August 2019

Welcome to Leatrix Sounds (Classic).  This release is pretty much the same as Leatrix Sounds (Retail).

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