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Uploaded Nov 30, 2022
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10.0.16 - 30th November 2022
- Maintenance update.

10.0.13 - 21st November 2022
- Fixed a situational (harmless) Lua error with the configuration panel reload button.

10.0.11 - 16th November 2022
- Updated for game version
- Updated LibDBIcon.

10.0.08 - 8th November 2022
- Due to problems with Blizzard's code in Dragonflight, the '/ltm' slash command has been removed for the time being.  As a workaround, you can enter '/run leamaps()' to open Leatrix Maps.  If you want to pass a parameter, enter it in quotes between the brackets.  Example: /run leamaps("wipe").  This (hopefully temporary) change is necessary because of a bug in the game code with the slash command system.  Entering any addon related slash command will taint the UI and cause errors to show at some point.  Blizzard are aware of the bug.  When they fix it, the /ltm slash command will return.  You can assign a hotkey to open Leatrix Maps in the game keybindings panel and you can open Leatrix Maps using the minimap button if it's enabled in the Leatrix Maps configuration panel so there are plenty of options.

10.0.07 - 7th November 2022
- Due to problems with Blizzard's code in Dragonflight, the zoom settings, scale setting and some enhanced battlefield map settings have been removed.

10.0.06 - 2nd November 2022
- Added French translations.
- Due to problems with Blizzard's code in Dragonflight, the zoom settings are currently unavailable.

10.0.01 - 27th October 2022
- For the time being, the addon will not register with the minimap compartment menu.

10.0.00 - 24th October 2022
- Welcome to Dragonflight!
- Removed Shadowlands specific code.  This release is not compatible with Shadowlands.

9.2.42 - 19th October 2022
- Added the turtle boat dock locations in Borean Tundra, Dragonflight and Howling Fjord.

9.2.41 - 5th October 2022
- Fixed a minor issue with 'Use default map' which may have caused the map to be scaled.

9.2.38 - 2nd October 2022
- Dragonflight: Fixed the Lua error when removing the map border.

9.2.35 - 21st September 2022
- Dragonflight: Leatrix Maps is now listed in the minimap addon menu and the game options panel.
- Dragonflight: Updates.

9.2.34 - 14th September 2022
- Dragonflight: Added The Waking Shore map reveal data.
- Dragonflight: Fixed Halls of Infusion dungeon location.

9.2.29 - 8th September 2022
- Updated for Dragonflight (PTR).

9.2.28 - 7th September 2022
- Updated for Dragonflight Beta.

9.2.25 - 17th August 2022
- Updated for game version 9.2.7.

9.2.22 - 27th July 2022
- For 'Unlock map frame', added a fix for Demodal preventing the map frame from being moved to the top edge of the screen.

9.2.21 - 20th July 2022
- Added the scale map setting back as a separate setting.  Note that enabling this setting will taint the map and this is highlighted in the configuration panel help button.

9.2.20 - 20th July 2022
- The 'Unlock map frame' setting no longer allows you to change the scale of the map frame.
- If you use premade group finder to make a Mythic+ dungeon group for your own key and your game account does not have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled, you may sometimes see a stop error when the game tries to set the activity title to your key level.  Click the reload button to clear the error.  Enable Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) on your game account to avoid seeing this error.  If you don't have Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA) enabled on your game account, an advisory alert button will be shown in the configuration panel.
- If you use premade group finder, you can no longer change the same faction only setting after you have listed the group.  You need to delist the group to change the same faction only setting.
- Various taint fixes.  Added a help button to the zoom heading to notify that enabling any of the zoom settings will taint the map (if you use other map addons such as HandyNotes or TomTom, they will taint the map anyway regardless of the zoom settings).

9.2.18 - 6th July 2022
- If 'Remove map border' is enabled, the map close and maximise/minimise buttons will now be shown on the right-side of the map.
- Fixed an issue with the game code which caused the premade group finder to show an error when opening the Dungeons section while you have a keystone.  As a result of this fix, the dungeon title will no longer be prefilled with the keystone level.
- Fixed a compatibility issue with World Quest Tracker addon and the 'Unlock map frame' setting in Leatrix Maps.

9.2.16 - 22nd June 2022
- In the game key bindings menu, you can now set a keybind to toggle Leatrix Maps.

9.2.13 - 1st June 2022
- Updated for game version 9.2.5.

9.2.06 - 13th April 2022
- Added a new setting 'Use default map'.  If enabled, the full-screen map will be used for the maximised map.

9.2.04 - 30th March 2022
- For developers, you can now configure Leatrix Maps from your own addon or script using the following as a guide:

-- Ensure Leatrix Maps does not replace LeaMapsDB on next reload
-- Clear the settings database (optional but recommended)
-- Configure the settings (add any settings you like here)
LeaMapsDB["NoMapBorder"] = "On"
-- Reload the UI to apply the settings

9.2.03 - 23rd March 2022
- For 'Enhance dungeon icons', added icons for 'Synthesis Forge', 'Protoform Repository' and 'Exile's Hollow' to the Zereth Mortis map.

9.2.00 - 23rd February 2022
- Updated for game version 9.2.0.

9.1.44 - 9th February 2022
- For 'Center map on player', releasing shift (after holding it down to prevent the map from centering) will no longer cause the map to center.  Centering will only will start again when you do something that requires a map update without shift being held down.  This includes zooming, panning, clicking an area of the map that isn't a button, toggling the map, etc.  This applies to both the world map and battleground map.

9.1.39 - 19th January 2022
- The 'Show unexplored areas' option now applies to Torghast too.
- Added a raid icon for Sepulcher of the First Ones (PTR).

9.1.36 - 29th December 2021
- Added additional map reveal data for The Maw.  Many thanks to zeenk for reporting that it was missing.
- For 'Enhance dungeon icons', the Flayedwing Transporter will now be shown on the Korthia map.

9.1.31 - 16th December 2021
- For 'Enhance dungeon icons', added Oribos portals to Stormwind and Orgrimmar.  Added map arrows for 'Court of Stars' dungeon map.

9.1.28 - 8th December 2021
- Added map reveal data for Zereth Mortis (PTR).

9.1.25 - 1st December 2021
- Player arrow and group icon maximum size (for battlefield map) and battlefield maximum size increased to 400%.
- Updated the minimap icon.

9.1.24 - 24th November 2021
- Added 'Sanctum of Domination' ('The Maw') raid icon.
- Added 'Oribos' ('Korthia') portal icon.
- If 'Center map on player' is enabled (either world map or battlefield map), the map will center more quickly.  You can now hold shift while panning to temporarily prevent the map from centering.
- Fixed an issue with 'Remember zoom level' which caused the zoom level to malfunction for certain maps (mostly scenarios such as Island Expeditions and Torghast).
- Fixed an issue which caused the battlefield map frame tab to be clickable on startup even if the battlefield map isn't showing.  This is a bug in the game and not caused by addons.

9.1.23 - 17th November 2021
- Added 'Tazavesh, the Veiled Market' ('Tazavesh, the Veiled Market') dungeon icon and 'Castle Nathria' ('Revendreth') raid icon.

9.1.21 - 3rd November 2021
- Added new option called 'Increase zoom level'.  If enabled, you will be able to zoom further into the world map (up to 600% increased zoom).  You can set the maximum zoom level in the configuration panel.
- If 'Enhance battlefield map' is enabled, you can set the maximum zoom level for the battlefield map in the configuration panel.
- Changes to configuration panel layout.
- To minimise unavoidable taint with the addon, press M to close the map (don't use the close button), avoid clicking quests and items in the objective tracker especially during combat (use the quest log instead) and avoid clicking boss buttons and dungeon icons during combat.

9.1.20 - 29th October 2021
- Replaced packager to fix issue with CurseForge app.

9.1.18 - 28th October 2021
- Fixed a few locale issues with invalid translations.

9.1.16 - 21st October 2021
- Added a new setting to 'Enhance battlefield map' which lets you keep the battleifeld map centered on you.
- Moving the battlefield map and setting the opacity is now configured using 'Unlock battlefield map' in the configuration panel (mirroring BCC).
- If 'Unlock battlefield map' is enabled, you can drag the bottom-right corner of the battlefield map to resize it (this is in addition to the 'Map Size' slider).
- The 'Show unexplored areas' option will now reveal unexplored areas on the battlefield map as well as the world map.
- The 'Group Icons' slider in the 'Enhance battlefield map' configuration panel now has a preview icon.
- Updated for game version 9.1.5 (currently on the PTR).

9.1.14 - 13th October 2021
- Added a new option 'Center map on player'.  If enabled, the map will remain centered on you as long as you are not dragging the map or in a dungeon.  No reload required so you can enable it as and when you wish.

9.1.01 - 7th July 2021
- Added Korthia to 'Show unexplored areas'.

9.1.00 - 30th June 2021
- Updated for game version 9.1.

9.0.33 - 16th June 2021
- Added Stormwind and Orgrimmar portal icons to Caverns of Time.

9.0.19 - 10th March 2021
- Updated for World of Warcraft 9.0.5.

9.0.15 - 9th February 2021
- Fixed a minor issue with 'Enhance dungeon icons' which caused the 'Castle Nathria' raid icon to be shown twice.
- Added German language translations.

9.0.12 - 16th January 2021
- Fixed an issue with 'Remember zoom level' which caused the player arrow ring animation to not show when opening the map.
- Fixed an issue with 'Remove map border' which caused the game to behave as if the map was still open after it had been closed with the close button.

9.0.11 - 9th December 2020
- Source code is now on GitHub (github.com/leatrix).

9.0.10 - 25th November 2020
- If 'Remove map border' is enabled, the map window size toggle button and close button will no longer conflict with the HandyNotes Shadowlands map button.

9.0.08 - 18th November 2020
- Updated for World of Warcraft 9.0.02.
- Updated minimap button code.

9.0.07 - 14th November 2020
- Fixed a situational issue with the Leatrix Maps minimap button which may have caused it to show or hide inconsistently.

9.0.06 - 11th November 2020
- Updated LibDBIcon.
- Updated dropdown menu taint fixes.

9.0.03 - 15th October 2020
- Fixed an issue with 'Enhance dungeon icons' which prevented map pins from being placed over dungeon icons.

9.0.02 - 15th October 2020
- Fixed a Lua error with 'Enhance dungeon icons'.

9.0.01 - 15th October 2020
- Fixed compatibility issue with ElvUI and 'Remove map border'.
- Removed 9.0 transitional code.

9.0.00 - 12th October 2020
- Updated for World of Warcraft patch 9.0 (Shadowlands).
- This release will run on Battle for Azeroth too but you need to enable out of date addons.
- Click here to return to the Leatrix Maps page.

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