Last Updated: Oct 27, 2016 Game Version: 7.1.0


Oct 19, 2014

Owner: BLT_Malcorne

La La La (can't hear you !)

LaLaLa blocks chat and emotes from hostile players.

Many people spam their opponents in PvP with emotes and the game doesn’t offer anything to filter them specifically. With LaLaLa, enjoy quiet death at the hand of your foes!


"This addon brings me peace in daily raids." - Garrosh Hellscream

"I wish I had it in the olds days." - Gamon

"Finally I can hear the sound of my dead body falling on the ground!" - Malcorne, EU-Archimonde

"Zug zug!" - Ogrimmar peon

How to use LaLaLa

Simply install the addon. There's no configuration panel, no slash command, it just does its thing. Look ma', no hands! LaLaLa will display the total blocked message count in your chat frame at startup.

Status and possible future changes

With 1.2.1 the addon is now nearly feature complete and has no detectable performance impact.

I may add the following things in the future :

  • Detection of GUID format change (technical change to avoid bugs during major Wow API changes)
  • Neutral player support (for people playing on PvE servers)


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