Last Updated: Jul 18, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1


Dec 25, 2011

Owner: Kesava

* fix runes don't correctly recolour when charged
* update locale
* add esMX locale (thanks to Phanx!)

* bump TOC
* add CVar config page with options for various hidden nameplate settings in the game (including render distance and clamping)
* add option to vertically move castbar spell name text under /knp > cast bars
* add "Current + percent" and "Current + deficit" health text options
* add various options for name text colour under /knp > text
* add arena id next to names when in an arena (currently no options)
* move "frame glow size" option to "frame sizes" page
* move fade rules to dedicated config page
* split "faded alpha" into "non-target alpha" and "conditional alpha"
* split "avoid casting" fade rule into separate friendly, hostile, interruptible and uninterruptible options
* fix issue where settings displayed in the config interface could become desynchronised from the actual settings
* fix death knight, demon hunter and shaman name text class colours ignore ClassColors' configuration
* fix lua errors when name-only is toggled on a frame with no castbar
* improve config popup contrast
* move default spell name position slightly
* increase default class powers size slightly
* change guild text colour slightly
* add option name_colour_brighten_class (not exposed in ui)
* disable frFR since it has a lot of overlong titles
* update locale