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Target Helper is a KuiNameplates plugin that adds a variety of customization options to help identify priority targets and maximize your DPS.

DoT classes like Affliction Warlock and Shadow Priest can quickly identify which targets are missing their debuffs to maintain 100% DoT uptime.

All classes will enjoy the custom target options, configuring custom colors for priority interrupt targets so no critical casts are getting through.


Custom Target Colors

  • Assign a custom target color for enemies so that they stand out in the crowd.
  • Import preset configuration of important seasonal targets.

Config Panel

Spell Cast Colors

  • Assign a custom color for enemy cast bars based on the spell they are casting.
  • Add the target of casts directly on the enemy cast bar.
  • Import preset configuration of important seasonal spell casts.

Spell Cast Colors

Aura Colors

  • Change the color of nameplates that are affected by your class auras.
  • Quickly identify which targets are not afflicted by any debuffs.
  • Very useful for multi-dot classes like Shadow Priest and Affliction Warlock.

Config Panel

Filter Units

  • Hide unimportant units in AOE situations to increase your frame rate.

Config Panel

Rename Units

  • Give a custom name to enemy units to make them easier to identify.

Config Panel

Elite Borders

  • Add a border around elite enemies to help prioritize targets.
  • Add a thick border around your focus target so you don't lose track of it.

Config Panel

Target Frame Customization

  • Change the color of your target nameplate.

CVar Modification

  • Tweak nameplate CVars like opacity, distance, motion speed and vertical/horiztonal spacing.

Config Panel

NOTE: This addon is a plugin that requires the KuiNameplates addon.