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I wanted to know how much relic research I had collected prior to turning them in to the Archivist. So I made this to help my poor mind count.

Usage is a slash command of "/relics" or if you want to print out all known relics despite not having them in you bags then "/relics list".

When it lists items it shows the:

itemlink "w" which means "worth" ,"c" the "count" of similar relics and "s" meaning "sum" ie. w * c = s


Version 1.0.2+ Added Anima to the sums as in WoW 9.1.5 you will be able to turn in anima in Korthia so I thought it good to add it here as well.

You can list all known Anima items with "/relics list-anima" should the urge exist.

In 1.0.8 I added the "quiet" parameter for those who feel it spams too much in the chat window. ie. "/relics quiet" and it will just print the sums.