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Are you afraid of receiving loot for the wrong spec? Have you ever wasted a bonus roll because you forgot to change it? Know Your Loot Spec can help!

Displays your currently selected loot specialization in a data broker, on your unit frame, and next to the bonus roll window. Easily switch between loot specializations from any one of those places (either by clicking to bring up a menu, or simply mousing over them). Click the data broker or the icon next to the bonus window to bring up the Dungeon Journal, so you can quickly check what loot is available.

Also announces your spec to your chat log or the warning text in the middle of your screen when logging, entering an instance, or targeting a boss.

Any of these features can be turned off in the options. Right-click any of the 3 icons to display them, or navigate to them yourself in the interface window (by pressing escape, clicking Interface, then AddOns, then Know Your Loot Spec).

If you would like to see Know Your Loot Spec in another language, please contribute translations on the localizations page!