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PvP addon simple damage meter minigame displays player's damage percent versus the top damager. Standalone basic meter or use Details for advanced data source. Combine with the WarCult killing blows minigame for even more PvP fun.

Kingdam is your damage minigame. Reach over 100% damage versus the top damager to be crowned king (or queen) of damage. Put the Kingdam frame where you'll see it best. Hold down keyboard SHIFT and LEFT MOUSE button to drag. Use Kingdam as a minigame for fun, or at a glance motivate yourself to do more damage. Option in settings to use Details as data source if installed, more accurate. Otherwise Kingdam will be used, less accurate but standalone.

Encourage other group members to install this addon to stimulate increased damage. Potentially a massive advantage. Destroy the enemy.

Kingdam is designed to complement other PVPXTV addons TopTarget, TopCombat, VantageWarCult and HideNPC.



Player's damage percent number versus top damager. Crown icon displays when damage percent is greater than 100. Optional name of top damager being compared with. Optional gap number to top damager.

  • You must be in PvP combat for Kingdam frame to display.
  • Frame is initially centered. To move the frame, hold down keyboard shift and left mouse button to drag the frame to desired position.
  • Enable the frame for your preferred situations, select data source and filters, adjust frame size and opacity in addon settings: Options > Addons > Kingdam.
  • Audio alerts are initially disabled. Enable audio for individual alerts in addon settings: Options > Addons > Kingdam.
  • Audio alerts use the Dialog sound channel, set to preferred volume: Options > Game > System > Audio > Dialog.
  • Kingdam's damage meter uses basic player v player direct damage data, which excludes pet and other indirect damage. Inaccurate compared to popular damage meters, but uses minimal resources and serves minigame purpose of beating a target damage amount.
  • Alternatively, you have the option in settings to select Details as the data source for more accuracy. If installed, Details will be used when selected. If Details not installed, Kingdam will be used regardless of the data source selected in settings.
  • Players are considered to be a damager if attacking another player. Kingdam only includes direct player v player damage data, however Details may include player v non-player damage data.
  • The greater than 100% damage icon may be visible very briefly (if at all) sometimes when your damage percent spikes versus top damager. An optional High Damage sound alert (enabled in addon settings) informs you that your damage was above 100%, no matter how briefly.
  • The top damager name excludes you, the minigame objective is to get your damage above that top damager. The gap number is the number of damager players between you and the top damager, zero when you are the top damager.
  • Combine with WarCult, get killing blows in any PvP and sacrifice them at the X to earn levels.
  • Combine with TopTarget and TopCombat to highlight enemy/group players to attack/cc or defend/assist.
  • Combine with Vantage to see at a glance and hear group role status during combat.
  • Combine with HideNPC to hide non-player characters (NPC) on your minimap.
  • For WoW retail battlegrounds, arenas and world PvP.


Kingdam Demo

Kingdam is the moveable percent number above player's unit frame portrait, displaying damage percent versus top damager. See image demos.
WarCult is the movable kill counter frame on bottom right of screen. Optional kb voice alerts.
TopTarget is the red cornered box on enemy nameplates highlighting most targeted enemy.
TopCombat is the purple icons on enemy nameplates and green icons on group nameplates highlighting players to attack/cc or defend/assist.
Vantage is the movable group role status frame to right of player unit frame. Optional warning voice alerts.
HideNPC is the hidden NPCs on minimap.



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PVP Addons

Target and destroy your enemies with PvP addons for World of Warcraft retail battlegrounds, arenas, and WPvP.

  • TopTarget - Highlights nameplate of your group’s most targeted enemy.
  • TopCombat - Highlights nameplate of enemy/group players to attack/cc or defend/assist.
  • Vantage - Displays group role status at a glance during combat.
  • WarCult - Killing blow alert and tracker minigame.
  • Kingdam - Damage meter PvP minigame.
  • HideNPC - Hide NPC blips on the minimap when using track humanoids.