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If you are a PvPer, or you got a Guild with a lot of your friends, this is the AddOn for you!
Use [/ks], [/kshot] or [/killshot] to show Killshot's options


  • Killshot's soundfiles are placed in another addon! Download that addon, or Killshot's sounds won't work!
  • Download Killshot_Sounds at https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/killshot_sounds
  • (The reason for this is because you can change the soundfiles from Killshot to what you want, if the sounds would be in this addon and this addon would update, all your edited sounds would be replaced by the original sounds)

Killshot Description:

  • This AddOn shows a message, and plays a sound ("Ownage", "Double Kill", "Killing Spree", "Rampage", "Multi Kill", "Dominating", "Unstoppable", "Mega Kill", "Godlike", "Wicked Sick", "Ultra Kill", "Monster Kill", "Ludacris Kill", "Holy Shit"), when you've made a killing blow.
  • It cooperates with other players in your Guild/Party/Raid/BG/Arena that also got the AddOn, that means that they will also get a message and a sound when you make a killing blow or die.
  • With this AddOn, World PvP, BattleGrounds and Arena's will become much more fun, as you try to get the last hit, and the highest killing streak before dying.

Killshot Terms:

  • Kill = you killed a player (the last damage the enemy player died from has to be your damage)
  • Multikill = you made a kill, and in less than 15 seconds you make another kill
  • Death = you died
  • Emote = an emote (/slap, /spit, etc)
  • Combat Text = the red text in the middle of the screen (color can be changed, but the default color is red) (only you can see Combat Texts)
  • Chat Text = text made with the addon, this is not text in /s (only you can see Chat Texts)
  • Emote Text = text typed with /e (everyone can see Emote Texts)

Killshot Functions:

  • Killingblows (and deaths) will trigger a sound effect and a splash text, and people in your BG, Party/Raid, and Guild will also get that sound effect and splash text
  • World PvP, Battlegrounds and Arena will become much more fun
  • You can enable/disable almost everything
  • You can change Killshot's volume
  • When you are using an older version, you will be notified
  • You can share your addon-data with other users (to compare who is better)
  • You can flip people off in /say chat (typ /ksfu)
  • You can let Killshot take a screenshot when you make a kill or multikill, and when you die
  • You can let Killshot play a sound when your target is below 20% health (the HP% is customizable)
  • You can let Killshot summon a random pet when you made a kill or a multikill
  • You can choose up to 100 messages you and others will get when you make a kill
  • You can choose infinite emotes you will play (/slap, /spit, etc) when you make a kill (1 will be randomly chosen every time)
  • You can make infinite chat lines which you will say (in /s chat) when you make a kill (1 will be randomly chosen every time)
  • You can switch between 4 soundpacks: [Normal], [Female], [Sexy] and [Custom]
  • When you pick another soundpack, other users will also hear sounds from that soundpack, if the kill/death comes from you
  • You can add your own soundfiles, by replacing /sp4/0.mp3 - /sp4/14.mp3 with your own files