This add-on enhances Character and Inspection panes by adding following visual elements:

  • item level next to each item
  • gems, relics, and enchants, or placeholders if missing
  • average item level

This makes it possible to quickly get an overview of your equipped gear and spot what needs to be improved.


As of 9.1 I am adding updates to this addon again. The 'continued' version of the addon has been abandoned, and I don't have access to update it.
[Eskiso] Update for DF is being worked on, i have it working fully except a few know issues:

  • Inspect is now off by default, as there is a bug that, after the first inspection, keeps showing the inspect window when you hover over the target
  • Still no DF gems/enchants/etc info


  • Kibsgaard, original author
  • alexkunin, reworked most of the code base and maintained it for a couple of years
  • Brizag (vvv444)
  • pas06
  • Kazzari, 9.1 fixes
  • Eskiso 10 fixes
  • SimulationCraft team (indirectly): their WoW data files parser allows to overcome some API limitations