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Uploaded Sep 20, 2019
Game Version 1.13.2
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MD5 cbba05e6ea32014a2f066e61f6154f4f
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1857b80 (2019-09-20)

Full Changelog

  • fix cf repo urls
  • relax luacheck checks
  • move packaging to the community packager and github actions
  • nvm curseforge just derped out
  • remove LibDualSpec from OpDeps, no lib builds are disabled anyway
  • don't error on WoW Classic
  • Tag as 1.21
  • Update TOC for Patch 8.0
  • fix LibStub double embed
  • poke the packager
  • switch to my github fork of LibBD until wowace gets fixed
  • update pkgmeta urls
  • variables cleanup and add .editorconfig file
  • fix lots of globals and typos
  • more whitespace cleanup
  • fix whitespace issues
  • Update TOC for Patch 7.3
  • Update TOC for Patch 7.2
  • toc bump
  • TOC Bump for 7.0
  • Update TOC for Patch 6.2
  • Update TOC for Patch 6.1
  • Tagging as 1.20
    re taging to pick up new lib backdrop release
  • Tagging as 1.19
  • updated toc, missed as a full update
  • wod toc
  • Tagging as 1.18
  • TOC update for Patch 6.0
  • Tagging as 1.17
  • 5.4 toc
  • Tagging as 1.16
  • toc bump
  • kgPanels: remove some cata compat code and fix typos
  • Tagging as 1.15
  • toc bump
  • Tagging as 1.14
  • toc bump
  • added scaling adjustments for stan
  • Tagging as 1.13
  • Update for 5.x release
  • Tagging as 1.12
  • When advance features are disabled for textures we disable the enhancements for that frame. The default is disabled
  • Tagging as 1.11
  • made some changes for those who decided to disembed and lose functionality
  • Tagging as 1.10
  • fixes for backdrop enhancements on live
  • fixed ebeds.xml
  • Fixes for disembedded users using last tagged ace3 lib and not alpha included in kgPanels
  • Experimental support for show/hide specific segments of the border, only brief testing on live and beta
  • Tagging as 1.9
  • updated the fetc art command
  • Changed Interface\None to empty string, this works on live and on beta for a blank edgefile
  • Tagging as 1.8
  • fixed ordering of onSizeChange params
  • fix ticket #41
    passed in variable is now called elapsed instead of time.
  • Tagging as 1.7
  • toc bump
  • Tagging as 1.6
  • toc bump
  • Fixed sublevel code
  • Tagging as 1.5.5
  • toc bump
  • Tagging as
  • Fixed font dropdown disabled check, it was checking for disembedded LSM and not if the lib was loaded
  • moved setup of LDB to onInit
  • Tagging as
  • Removed X-Compatible-With tag from toc since people dont wana trust the ingame Addon button to says an addon is loaded and working.
  • Tagging as
  • Forgot 1 fix
  • Upgrades teh DB so if your style is set to SOLID or GRADIENT and bg texture is set to none, it will upgrade it to 'Solid' so your colors show
  • better fix.
  • Revert latest change.
  • Tagging as
  • Fix for reported bug with solid panels
  • Tagging as
  • Update to reparenting , just call show after we reset the parent .
  • Tagging as 1.5.4
  • Toc update
  • Adjusted sublevels to match valid range as per forums
  • Localized new option strings. For now vertical and horizontal tiliing are disabled, while new frame stuff is figured out for replacement of backdrop
  • Added vertical and horizontal tiling options. Added sublevel options. DRYODE
  • When background set to none, set the bg texture to nil not white.
  • IF background set to none, set it to a white 8x8 texture so it can be colored as needed
  • Skip the bg setting routine if set to non, instead of being selective.
  • Place holders for new tiling options, and sub level options. Not active or available to anyone yet but putting markers in.
  • Fixed None path check, remove 'None' from artwork library so it shows only in the drop down.
  • Added fix for cata so it doenst complain about the None path
  • Tagging as v.1.5.3-beta
  • Add toc tag for X-Compatrible-With: 40000
  • Fixed a reference to arg1 to proper argument
  • Changed a few getglobal to use _G
  • Tagging as v1.5.2
    Re-tagging to pick up fixed AceGui-SharedMediaWidget
  • Tagging as v1.5.1
  • Use Script instead of include
  • Tagging as v1.5
  • Make loading LibDualSpec silent since people who disembed dont know what their doing.
  • Tagging as v1.4
    Releasing 1.4
  • Fixed issue found by stanzilla, about export/import frames accept button vanishing
  • Tagging as v1.39-Beta
    Added support for LibDualSpec
  • Removed deprecated line1 and 2 hide calls
  • Fixed a typo in table name
  • LibDualSpec support (Experimental) fix setup of db enhancement
  • LibDualSpec support (Experimental)
  • Tagging as v1.38
    Fixes for Frame Finder
  • Fix for FrameFinder
  • Tagging as v1.37
  • 3.3.3 Api changes
  • Fix for inset changes, apparently I forgot to commit the config panel change.
  • Fix for inset changes, apparently I forgot to commit the config panel change.
  • Attempting fix for Stans reported error, GameCard expired and waiting on new one so cant test in game yet.
  • Tagging as v1.36
    Several bug fixes.
    Most notewhorthy is the inset fixes for background and borders. They should correctly reflect the positioning and automatically update your layout values to put them in the right order. If you see layout shifting, double check your insets as they may not have swapped.
  • Added an upgrade funciton to swap insets , since to corect values on load.
  • Fixed a bug in background insets, x,y were reversed cause unintended movements.
  • Fixed negative frame level in slider, and will auto fix levels if less than 0
  • Fixed isssue when switching profiles during config to a non existant layout being referenced.
  • Tagging as v1.35
    Uupdated config addon toc.
  • kgPanels: updated toc in config addon so it loads, when people forgot to check load out of date addons. and they dont get INTERFACE_VERSION error
  • Tagging as v1.34
  • kgPanels: tock bump
  • Allow for negative frame level
  • Tagging as v1.33
  • TOC bump
  • Tagging as v1.32
    Fixed name length check casuing short named artwork not to load.
  • Fix for assetName length check requiring a length or > 2, it should be > 0
  • Tagging as v1.31
    License updated
  • Removed license files as this is now All Rights Reserved
  • Tagging as v1.30
  • kgPanels: updated license.
  • prevent locale errors on svn checkouts
  • Tagging as v1.29
  • kgPanels: updated the config addon toc
  • Tagging as v1.28
  • kgPanels: toc update. I havent tested with the new image buttons for nudge yet so not adding that in this release.
  • Tagging as v1.27
    Exposed AddAsset for texture packs to register artwork.
  • kgPanels: fixed typo in register call
  • kgPanels: added mod funtion to register new art
  • Tagging as v1.26
    Added nudge controls
  • kgPanels: added a nudge section in panel positioning
  • Tagging as v1.25
    fix some edge case bugs.
    default to a real texture if the one your using hasnt been loaded yet
    better error messages.
  • kgPanels: fixed for an upvalue and nil art error
  • kgPanels: fixed a bug ina comparison.
  • kgPanels: fix a config string that was not usng the locaized version
  • kgPanels: missing backgrounds will be set to white, till eitehr a.) the background is found via shadremedia callback or b.) users changes the background to somthing that exists.
  • kgPanels: added a better error message for texture fils failing to load
  • Tagging as v1.24
    Added custom coords to config. you can now directly manipulate all 8 tex coords and the modified rec function.
  • kgPanels: db upgrade code + tested new absolute coord stuff in game
  • kgPanels: added crop on/off for custom coordinates.
  • kgPanels: provide better error messages when WoW fails to load a texture file.
  • kgPanels: new config options to direct set textcoord on your background texture. UNTESTED and dry coded. compiled with luac
  • Tagging as v1.23
    onClick now provides a pressed and released local variable. so you can determine if the user clicked!
  • kgPanels: changed a ref
  • kgPanels: changed mouse direction to a more description pressed or released.
    if pressed then
    -- do mouse down stuff
    elsif released then
    -- do mouse up stuff
  • kgPanels: made direction variable local to the function.
  • kgPanels: fixed bad click ref
  • kgPanels: added a direction flag for mouse clicks
    direction=-1 for down
    direction=-1 for up
  • Tagging as v1.22
    Fixed anchoring issues when using anchor depth is panel -> panel -> xxx
  • kgPanels: fixed an issue with multi-anchoring and the panels not showing up correctly.
  • kgPanels: added callback to lib sharedmedia 3, so late registerd textures will get applied
  • Tagging as V1.21
    Fix for default locale settings
  • kgPanels: fix for debug values
  • Added esMX to locale list, switch to auto updating toc for version number
  • Tagging as v1.20
    switched to new localization system
    and added 2 new script handlers
  • kgPanels: bumped to 1.20 new with new script handlers added switched to new localization system
  • kgPanels: added a debug flag to us local
  • kgPanels: updated nono eligh locales to defaul to enlgish
  • kgPanels: converted to locaization system and added 2 new script methods for OnSizeChanged and onReceiveDrag
  • Tagging as v1.19
    Now resets x,y, to 0,0 when changed anchors.
  • kgPanels: When changing anchors, x and y will be reset to 0,0 so the panel doesnt go ofscreen due to previous anchor offsets.
  • Tagging as v1.18
    Fixes to script setups
  • kgPanels: more scripting changes and fixes
  • Tagging as v1.17
  • kgPanels: fixed error introduced when NO onload script was present. Also removed debug
  • Tagging as v1.16
  • kgPanels: update to toc
  • kgPanels: fixes to script loading not working all the tiem on a console reloadui
  • Tagging as v1.15
    Updates to some script handling.
  • kgPanels: updating toc version number for release
  • kgPanels: Added some missing cleans that could sometimes cause a layout to not apply the scripts when switching layouts.
  • kgPanels: added nostrip deps
  • Tagging as v.1.14
  • kgPanels: updated repareting reinit of load scripts to execute the other scripts as well.
  • Tagging as v1.13
  • kgPanels: gradient coloring fix
  • kgPanels: fixed bg color gradient picker
  • Tagging as v.1.12.
    Updated release to have matching toc entries.
  • kgPanels: updated .toc to match release on curse
  • Tagging as v1.11. 3.0 compatible
  • kgPanels: toc updates for 3.0c
  • Tagging as v1.1.
    Package now contains the config LOD addon, thanks pkgmeta!
  • kgPanels: updated trunk to new pkgmeta and layouts
  • kgPanels: tagging combo branch as beta for packaging
  • externals adjustment and pkgmeta change
  • kgPanels: tagging combo branch as beta for packaging
  • kgPanels: combo branch checkins
  • Fix .pkgmeta
  • Branching for a combo test
  • Tagging as v1.03.
    Touching tags for syndication
  • Hopefully fix .pkgmeta
  • Hopefully fix .pkgmeta
  • Tagging as v1.02.
    Helps if I read theknowledgebase
  • kgPanels: read the knowledge base stupid.
  • Tagging as v1.01.
    Packagaing fixes
  • kgPanels: fixed .pkgmeta
  • Tagging as v1.0.
  • Facilitate WowAce-on-CurseForge transition
  • removing /tmp
  • Importing old repo data under /trunk

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