Jojo's Bizarre adventure SFX for Monk

10,720 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 6, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

New major content :


-Add SFX when the character get hurt (There is an option to activate in the interface). The 5 characters get their own SFX

-Add command to activate / desactivate the SFX for the users who got issues with the interface options. You can create macro too with that, to switch quickly between the different characters for exemple.

-Modifying how the SFX is declench in the battle when you chain spells, now all are more confortable and smoother, if there is interruption the SFX will stop too, to not surcharge the sound 

one above the other

Bugs resolve :

-Since the 8.2 with a change on the API, errors was throw when trying to use spells who don't have SFX sound file.

Others :
Refactor of the addon code for better reading, improve order of load for each characters addon