Tired of searching in bags that nice item you just dropped? Jeeves find it for you

Loot enhancements

  • Every time you receive a new equippable item, Jeeves verify if it can be an improvement for the one you are already wearing and show a popup to allow you to wear it immediately
  • You can define the minimum desired quality (default is green)
  • You can define wich percentage of your current equipped item is the minum required (default is items that are at least 95% of current item iValue)
  • Items which are not of the armor class you are using, are not proposed for wearing (you can wear them in the standard way)

Quest reward panel enhancements

  • Dims out (shows in black and white) items that doesnt match requisites set for Loot enhancements
  • Preselects the item with the highest vendor value (Concept inspired by abandoned VendorValue addon)