ItemUpgradeTip is your ingame guide to item upgrade tiers, showing you all the information you need. You no longer need to keep that Reddit post open on your second monitor, all the information will be at your fingertips right within the game!


New in v3 is the "Upgrade UI":

  • "Mythic+" tab showing Key Level / Loot Drops / Vault Reward / Crest Drops
  • "Raid" tab showing Boss / Loot per Difficulty / Crest Reward
  • "Upgrade Tracks" tab showing Ranks / Crest type needed for each upgrade
  • "Crafting" tab showing craftable items and their crest requirements



  • Displays upgrade information in the tooltip of an item that can be upgraded
  • `/iut` or `/itemupgradetip` to open the upgrade UI
  • Supports character and account wide discounts for Flightstones and Crests
  • (Optional) Compact tooltip format
  • (Optional) Disable individual item type integrations


Supported item types / currencies:

  • Flightstone / Crest (Flightstone cost data and discount checking methodology provided by Nerc @ Wago)
  • Honor gear (Honor)
  • Conquest gear (Honor)
  • Covenant gear (Reservoir Anima)
  • Heirlooms (no currency shown)


Currently there is no plan to add Korthia gear to this addon, as Korthia gear is outdated and there is no benefit to spending any amount of currency to upgrade it.