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  - Info
   With new patch 9.2.5 and interfaction group&raid, my goal was to unify two guilds channel from each side (Alliance/Horde).
   This addon simulate that by :
   1. when writing in guild chat => copy text into community chat (interfaction)
   2. when receiving community chat message, simulate it as guild chat localy

   Plus, it display community member connection, like guild mate.





- Setup for GM
Add the community id in the Guild Info panel like this

> LinkedCommunity=xxxxxxxxxxx$

where xxxxxxxxx is the community id.

Macro to get id :

`/run local a=C_Club.GetSubscribedClubs();for i=1,#a do if a[i].clubType==1 then print(a[i].name.."="..a[i].clubId) end end`

 or /iglist


- Setup for members

1. Join community
2. Type in guild chat, now other subsribers with this addon will share the guild message


- Commands

/iglist : list all communities and id connected

/iginfo : display inter guild infos

/igset {ID} : set community id for solo mode