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A simple app that tracks how many times you solo a raid or dungeon, how long you spent in the instance, and how much of a profit you made (money looted + vendor price of items looted - cost to repair). When entering a raid or dungeon while not in a group, the addon will begin tracking how long you spend in the dungeon, how much it will cost to repair damage you take, how much gold you loot from mobs, and how much gold the items you loot from mobs will vendor for. Upon exiting the instance, the addon will save these details.

Use the slash commands /ip, /instanceprofit, or /instanceprofits to open a widget that will display all the instances you have run along with their difficulty, how many times you ran the instance, how much time total you spent inside, and how much of a profit you have earned. This information is saved on a per character basis as well as summed up across your account as a whole. You can toggle between viewing character specific data, or account wide data, as well as delete character or account profit data from the display widget.

Still in beta, only works when running content solo at the moment.