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I no bai gold

This addon allows you to build a list of keywords and will scan any incoming BNet friend request, blocking and reporting them automatically if one of those keywords is found in the comment included with the requests. The list of those keywords can be viewed and edited through a window, brought up by the /inbg slash command.

Note: due to changes in v0.3, you will need to do the /inbg reset command if you are updating from an earlier version.

Other slash commands exist to replace the window, and will print the results in your regular chat box instead. The list of slash commands is as follows:

  • /inbg Show the window.
  • /inbg add XXXXXXX Adds XXXXXXX in the keywords list. Note that the caracters '@' and ';' cannot be included as part of the keyword.
  • /inbg rem XXXXXXX Removes XXXXXXX from the keywords list.
  • /inbg filters Displays the raw list of keywords that is currently saved.
  • /inbg reset Resets the keywords list and the list of blocked people. Note that in the case of the list of blocked people, they will remain blocked; only the display within the addon's window is cleared.


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