InFlight Taxi Timer

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Uploaded by WildCard_25
Uploaded Jan 18, 2020
Game Version 1.13.3
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MD5 7991f6ae360b6d0dddb90a43eda42321
Supported WoW Classic Versions


1.13.005 01/19/2020

  • Update some translations using in-game data
  • Remove unused translations
  • Fix estimated time calculations for non-English locales
  • Fix destination parsing for some locales
  • Fix incorrectly parsed locations saved in local database


1.13.004 01/09/2020

  • Update some default flight times
  • Update German localisations (thanks to x_RazzorX_x)
  • Add localisations for flight points
  • Improve removal of duplicate flight times
  • Improve version checks
  • Fix confirm summon lua error
  • Fix timing flights that have loading screens during the flight


1.13.003 09/26/2019

  • Update some default flight times
  • Update some Spanish localisations (thanks to maketas)
  • Update some Simplified Chinese localisations (thanks to grj2012)
  • Update some Simplified Chinese localisations (thanks to hyoga2002)
  • Add option to count time up or down independently of bar filling up or depleting
  • Fix spark briefly showing at wrong point at start of flight
  • Attempt to get required information if another addon auto takes flight path at flight master
  • Indicate on flight map if time was estimated
  • Disable cleanly when wrong client version detected
  • Global variables cleanup


1.13.002 09/01/2019

  • Fix compact display
  • Add database version check


1.13.001 08/29/2019

  • Initial Classic release

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