InFlight Taxi Timer

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Uploaded by WildCard_25
Uploaded Oct 23, 2018
Game Version 8.0.1
Size 88.56 KB
Downloads 3,854
MD5 a3a8723637c71de35795c1550d72e7ee
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8.0.004 10/24/2018

  • Add option to turn off chat messages
  • Add option to hide spark on flight bar
  • Add reminder to contribute flight paths
  • Optimise flight bar creation and updating
  • Remove unneeded extra spaces in destination text for normal and compact modes
  • Add another renamed flightpath
  • Fix variable scope/hiding


8.0.003 08/13/2018

  • Remove bad faction data when found
  • Update some default flight times
  • Minor text update


8.0.002 08/09/2018

  • Update libs
  • Update some default flight times
  • Minor text updates
  • Update French localisations (thanks to Babe2212)
  • Add local print and debug print functions
  • Ensure data is sanitised during upgrade
  • Change default flightbar position so it doesn't cover zone text
  • Fix spark going past end of flightbar
  • Fix strange times showing when bar is depleting and flight takes too long
  • Fix logic error applying default options
  • Remove broken gossip flight


8.0.001 07/17/2018

  • Updated for 8.0.1
  • Update some default flight times

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