Volcoross Module:

Assigns players with Coiling Flames to front left(star) or front right (circle) or back left (diamond) or back right (triangle) and once turned in to Coiling Eruption it assigns the rest of the raid evenly to soak. It also takes in to account which side players are on as well as prioritzing putting tanks and melee in the front then healers and lastly ranged.

Council of Dreams Module:

This module will inform all classes that are available to dispel Poisonous Javelin players that are 10 yards away from any other players with the irt popup module, players affected by it will repeatedly say safe/unsafe in the chat as well. Players affected by the duck will be allowed to be within 10 yards and duck players will also say repeatedly safe/unsafe when they are able to preen (remove their duck shape).



Tindral Safeswift Module:

This module will assign players that can remove roots from other players (paladins/monks) to remove roots from players targeted by Fiery Growth and Mass Entaglement overlaps. It will prioritize that you help your self.

Fyrakk Module:

This module has 3 parts. First of all it assign players targeted by Darkflame Cleave to a mark based on their role as well as assigns players to soak them evenly also based on their role. Melee are prioritized melee, ranged priortized ranged etc but it always makes sure its evenly soaked. Because the aura is private you have to make a macro that says /irt fyrakkcleave if you are targeted by the cleave mechanic. Once 3 players has clicked the button it begins the assignments. Secondly it makes you start saying either cross raid mark or diamond raid mark based if you are soaking the Flame or Shadow orbs to give everyone around you information. Thirdly whenever the Molten Eruption or Shadow Cage happens you get 2 buttons that you can press to either inform everyone you are affected by Shadow Cage or Molten Eruption. Once pressed you start yelling either cross raid mark or diamond raid mark to help molten eruption players (cross) find the shadow cage players (diamond).



Consumable Check Module:

Consumable Check: Shows if the player has flask, weapon oil/sharpening stone, food and rune during the ready check. In addition classes that can buff can see if players are missing their buff. The top picture is taken from a mage point of view, other classes would see their buff or none if they do not have any. The bottom picture is taken from a paladin which can not buff and therefore no buffs are shown. Armor kit/weapon oil buttons: When ready check is initiated two buttons appears allowing you to apply an armor kit and weapon oil/stones on your gear in a single click. Appears when: a ready check is initiated or use /irtc. Disapears when: a ready check finishes, you type /irtc or middle click the button.


Interrupt Module:

Interrupt Module: Allows you to create interrupt orders then fill in the boss and the player ahead of you in interrupts. Once that player interrupts you get a popup informing you that you are next. You also get a text anchored to the nameplate showing you its your turn to interrupt and also shows that to everyone else in the raid. So if everyone in the interrupt order has the addon it becomes a real time interrupt order anchored to the nameplate. Usage: Put the name of the person who is before you on interrupts. Config: The popup can be individually moved, resized and reset to default positions in the general options.


Ready Check Module:

If you are in a raid and you are either AFK or decline a ready check you will get a button that will tell your raid mates that you are ready once you press it. The sender of the ready check gets a list of players not ready or AFK that updates in real time as players get ready and presses the new ready button.


NEW! Release Module:

Stops you from accidentally releasing inside of raids. Your release button will be hidden unless you hold down SHIFT.

Calendar Notifcation Module:

On login a voice reads "You have X amount of unanswered calendar invites" (only counting raid events). If you have no unanswered invites you get no notification.


Innervate Module:

Tells your druid that you need innervate with a popup on your druids screen!

/endlessinnervate PlayerName

You can customize the popup in the general settings.