Improved Nameplates

Last Updated: Nov 2, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.0


Jul 24, 2016

Owner: Ammako

Nameplate improvements to the new default nameplates from 7.0.3


What it does:

  • Adds a unit level display to the nameplate unit frame
  • Adds a numeric display to nameplate health bars and Personal Resource Display (for Personal Resource Display, this is available with Larger Nameplates only)
  • Adds a better threat display similar to pre-7.0.3
  • Makes it easier to tell which mobs are currently in combat by coloring their name red when they are in combat and you are able to gain credit for the kill (raid/party groups, multitap mobs), and grey for mobs that have been tapped
  • Enables names to always show up on nameplates regardless of NPC names settings
  • Adds an outline to the names to make them easier to read
  • Fades other nameplates out whenever you target something, similar to pre-7.0.3
  • Makes Personal Resource Display click-through

It also sets some CVars for arguably better functionality:

  • Prevents nameplates from becoming increasingly transparent when moving away from them, makes every nameplate fully opaque similar to pre-7.0.3 (nameplateMaxAlpha, nameplateMinAlpha)
  • Prevents nameplates from changing in size depending on distance (nameplateMaxScale, nameplateMinScale)

Note: Chinese/Mandarin and Korean are not supported unless somebody offers to help for that.


Setting up:

The add-on works as-is with no setup required. However, there are a few settings you can change for personal preference.

Currently customizable:

  • NPC Names setting
  • Font size for name and health/resource display
  • Health/Primary Resource display
  • Level display (on/off)
  • Realm name display, for cross-realm players


Keep in mind, the way I do things here causes a lot of nameplate taint at the moment; keep your friendly nameplates disabled while inside instances. This should not cause issues anywhere else.

If you want to be able to keep friendly nameplates active at all times even within instances, you will be much better served by a different nameplate addon.

Eliminating the taint would probably be possible, but it would be much bigger rewriting work than what I've already done here for v4. I don't even play WoW anymore, and I can't care about the friendly nameplates within instances problem even when I'm playing honestly, but I'd like to still provide at least some basic support and updates.

If anyone's interested and wants to chime in to help get rid of the taint so that friendly nameplates can work within instances without throwing lua taint errors all the time, I won't decline, but otherwise it's likely here to stay.


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