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The IGAS_UI don't provide some default layout for the user, since I don't think I should force you to do it in my way, it'll be simple but I prefer to design everything in the game.



The action bar system is designed to be able to work with the blizzard's original bars and other action bar addons, it won't map to the blizzard's action buttons(unless you choose), so it can provide unlimited action buttons.


But since it don't map to the blizzard's action buttons, when you put some macro with content like 



/cast blizzard


The buttons can't update the texture and cooldown for it, since there is no api and the cost of it is too big to do.


But other like spells, mount, pet, equipset and etc should works fine with it, only macro is not fully supported(you can use, just can't see the cooldown and tips). 


If you choose to use the IGAS_UI as your main action bar, you should map the action bar to the blizzards to gain the ability like swap action bar when transform, stealth, shapeshift, macro fully support and etc.



Now we can start building the layout :


1. Open the menu of the action bar, choose "Global Style" => "Hidden MainMenuBar". It's hide the original action bar.


2. The action bar has only one button, so we should expand it, move the mouse to the button's bottom-right corner, press down then drag it, other buttons of the bar would be created, and the layout's decided by your mouse's position, the max count is 12.


3.  We should map the first action bar to the main action bar, so it'd change contents when changing form, using stealth and etc. Open the menu, choose "Action Map" => "Main Bar".


    You can also use "New Bar" in the menu to create new action bars and map them to others. You only need to map the action bar to bar1-bar6 if you want use macro on them. 


4. The action bar would copy the bind-keys from the blizzard's original bar, so now, we should bind keys for them, Open the menu, click "Key Binding" :



    Just move the mouse over the button, and click the binding-key to bind them, click the okay button to finish it.


5. Now, let's create a new action bar, and see some special features :


Hold the Alt key, and use the left mouse to drag the button to whatever direction.



It's called the pop-up bars. Here is some rules for it:

  • The start dragging button is called the root button.
  • When mouse move through the root button, the popup bar would be shown.
  • Click the root button or the buttons on the popup bar would hide the popup bar.
  • Move mouse away, the popup bar would be hidden after a delay time(default 0.25s, can be modified in the menu).
  • Right-click the root button, will always show the popup bar, right-click the root button again, will change to the default behavior.
  • If the "Swap Pop-up action" is checked in the bar's menu, click the button on the popup bar would swap the button's content with the root button, it's useful when their content are repeatable spells like mount, cooking, fishing and etc.
  • Drag the flyout spell into the root button, it's sub-spells would be auto-generated on the popup bar like :


6. Free Mode - The default layout is just grid. The action bar can toggle to "Free Mode"


    Click the "Manual Move&Resize" would turn into layout edit mode, click it again would end the edit mode. In the edit mode, you can move, resize the buttons to anywhere as you like :



7.  Auto-gen popup bars : We need put things like food, pet, mount to the action bars, and all those seems to be the same work for each characters. So why not let the addon do it for you. The auto-gen system is used to auto generate action buttons in the popup bar and fill them with items, pets just follow the settings.


    First create some popup bars.


Click "Auto generate popup actions" in the menu, then click the root button which is colored as grey.



Here is the manger of the auto-gen, first we should create a auto-gen list, click the '+' button, input a name to create the list.



Here we create a list for the toy, choose the "Action Type" to "Toy",  choose the "Auto-generate buttons" and change the max to 12, choose the "Only Favourite" to avoid useless toys.




Then click "Save" to save the list, click the "Apply" to apply the list on the popup bar.



Now you'll see the toys are filled into the popup bar. We may have many toys that one bar can't hold them all, now, click the "Auto generate popup actions" again, and click the next root button. Select the "toy" list in the manager, then click the "Apply", we should see(Since only usable toy can be shown, my test character has only 11 toys, I toggle the max count to 6, so you can see) :



A auto-gen list can apply to many popup bars, so you should have enough buttons to show them all.


Another special features for the auto-gen list is the filter for items. The rules for items are very simple, to specific the detail you can use keywords in the tips as the filter.



Here I use the "mana" as keyword to filter items. 


If you don't want show some auto-gen items, just use Alt+right-click on the action button to  send the item in to black list.


Only items that can be used(has spell) will be auto-generated.


8.  Now we can turn back to the menu settings, first is the "Global Style" :



  • Lock Action  -  Lock the action buttons, so you can't drag spell from it.
  • Use mouse down -  Trigger the spell when mouse down, not mouse up.
  • Popup Duration  -  The popup bar's display time when mouse is moved away.
  • Hidden MainMenuBar - Hide the blizzard's original action bar.
  • Hide Global cooldown - Don't show the cooldown if it's global.
  • Color the action button  -  "Disable" means the feature is toggle on, so it's the command text, the button would use those colors under such conditions. You can modify the color.
  • Use cooldown label - Display a cooldown label not the Cooldown indictor.
  • Show item black list - The auto-gen item black list, you can move items from the black list from here.

9. The bar style is only used for the bar where the menu is opened :


  • Scale - The scale of the action bar. You can directly choose the scale value in the list.
  • Horizontal Margin - The horizontal margin of the action buttons in the bar.
  • Vertical Margin  - The vertical margin of the action buttons in the bar.
  • Auto Hide - The IGAS_UI use macro conditions to determine the bar should be shown or hide, we'll see later.
  • Auto Fade Out - If the Auto Hide is set, the bar would be auto fade instead of auto hide when the condition is matched. If the bar has no auto hide set, the bar would auto fade when mouse is moved away.
  • Always Show Grid - Show the buttons even if it has no actions.
  • Modify AnchorPoints - For some user, would use same layout in several resolutions(another pc), to make sure one layout works on all resolutions, you should modify the bar's anchor points, like bind the bar's bottom point to the screen's bottom point if the bar is near the screen's bottom, just click it, and you'll know how to do it.

10. Auto Hide Settings, Click the "Auto Hide" would open the macro condition editor, it's used to manage the auto hide condition of the bar(and the unitframe also use this).



First we should use "+" button to add some prepared condition :



In here, we give the condition a description name and the details, you can choose the conditional target, choose the condition and combine them , in the pic, it means the target is not existed and the player is not in combat. 


Save it, then the condition would be shown in the editor, double click it to add it to the bar's auto hide conditons.



"Apply" it to the bar, you'll see the result. When the bar is hidden, you can toggle the "Lock action bar" to show it again, so you won't be unable to edit it.


11. The are three pairs of the "Save & Load" :



  • Save Settings & Load Settings - The pair is for the character only, used to save the layout and the buttons' contents.
  • Save Layout & Load Layout - The pair is for the account, used to save and load the layout only.
  • Save action bar's layout & Apply action bar's layout - The pair is for the account, used to save a single bar's layout, BTW, the auto-gen popup bar settings are also treated as layout.

 When you bind a key to a root button without any action on it, you can use the key to show the popup action buttons. Also you can bind keys to the popup action buttons, those keys only works when they are shown, so you can bind common keys like `1, 2, 3 without conflict.




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