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This add-on require the lib IGAS , so you need download it first.





IGAS_UI is designed to test the ability of the addon development, it's a test UI pack and also powerful.


It provide full-customize action bar system like unlimited buttons, the user flyout action bars, auto-gen buttons and more features.



It' provide a powerful container view system, that use view to control the organization of the items.


Those two features are very powerful but need the user to do the customize by yourselves.


It also provide a simple but powerful raid panel system works like :


Here is a directory structure of the addon, some features is to simple to introduce, you can also delete the directory to remove those features :


  • ActionBar   -  (Optional), the action bar sytem. See more in Action Bar Page
  • BuffFrameStyle  -  (Optional), the modifaction for the buff panel to match the style of the whole system.
  • ChatFrame  -  (Optional), the modifaction for the chat frame, just make it versy simple, and will show tip when move mouse over the links on the chatframes.
  • Container  -  (Optional) the container view system. See more in Container View Page
  • ExtraBarMover  -  (Optional) the mover of the extra bar.
  • InfoBar   -  (Optional) the info bar on the top of the screen, you can drag to change it's position and size, use mouse wheel will change it's back color.
  • localization  -  (Require) the locaziton files.
  • MicroMenu  - (Optional) the action bar system will hide the original menu, some guys just require the micro menu on it, it provide the move, auto hide, auto fade options for it.
  • Minimap  -  (Optional) the modifaction for the minimap, you can right-click the header of the minimap to toggle the auto fade.
  • NamePlate  -  (Optional) make the nameplate's style match the raid panel and the unit frames.
  • QuestMover  -  (Optional) move the quest list, and you can right-click the header of the quest list to toggle the auto fade, also the auto quest feature is provided.
  • RaidPanel  -  (Optional) the raidpanel provide four panel for raid, a common raid panel, a pet panel, a dead panel and an unit watch panel. See more in Raid Panel Page
  • Resource  -  (Require) the common resource for others.
  • SpellCooldownLine  - (Optional) a spell cooldown indicator,  there is a white box on the screen when you  first use it, right-click would toggle the show/hide(you can open the spell book to see it when it's hide), drag spell to it will register the spell to watch it's cooldown, and also you can drag it or resize it to adjust the cooldown line's size and the icon's size.
  • UnitFrame - (Optional) the unit frame, it's simple and in many conditions, you may use the nameplate instead of it, just the same style.


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