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HotLoot is an autoloot filter designed to streamline the looting process. This AddOn will allow you to automatically loot various items related to professions and quests.


Please post any issues here on GitHub


There is now a donations button in the top right corner of the page. I decided to start accepting donations to help further HL and other addons. Thank you and thanks for using HL.


I have started to localize HL so anyone who wants to contribute please go to

Credit will be made where due

Only bother localizing things in the Base Namespace

Coming Soon

If you have ideas for new features you would like to see implemented please open a ticket in GitHub issues and we will do our best to implement them!

Recent Changes



  • Added an Artifact Power filter. (using LibTTScan)
  • Replaced Type with Smart Info
    • Smart Info
      • Shows special info about various items in the loot toasts.
      • Examples: Currency maxes, farming info, AP info, more to come.
  • Added Farming Mode.
    • Farming Mode
      • Allows you to track how many of an item you are gathering per second/minute/hour.
      • See the options in the General tab of the Loot Monitor options.
      • Smart info must be enabled for it to work.


  • Updated the credits.
  • Cleaned up code.
  • Fixed an error that prevented currency totals from being shown.
  • Fixed an error with the small toast size.
  • Include List should now work in the Value Threshold.
  • Locale update.