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Weekly Honor Targeting

Honor Tracker makes it easier for you to track how much honor you need to gain per week by showing you how much honor everyone else has day-by-day, taking the guesswork out of tracking down everyone else, visible through /ht show.


For servers with people sending corrupted data, it's recommended you use /ht internal which will only sync data with people within your guild. On top of that, there are a few automated features provided, such as not allowing non-guild members to overwrite data received from guild members.


Daily Honor Estimates

Determine your daily honor gain in real time with estimated honor, taking the guesswork out of your daily honor grinding. Each day shows statistics on objective vs kills, as well as averages per-kill or per-player. You can also see various battlefield statistics such as your win rate, average honor gain, and average length of battlefields.


Ranking Estimations

On top of the weekly estimates, you an mouse over your progression bar which will give you bracket-by-bracket statistics on your potential rank up, giving you a clearer understanding of where you need to land in order to hit your goal rank, or at least maintain.


Upgraded Honor Frame

Updates your "Honor" tab with extended statistics and the estimated honor, mousing over "Today", "Yesterday", "This Week", and "Last Week" helps give you extended statistics on your honor grinds.



See /ht (or /honortracker) for a list of slash commands.



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